FzioMed introduces DYNAVISC®, an absorbable gel for the prevention of adhesion in tendon and peripheral nerve surgery.

What is DYNAVISC® by FzioMed


DYNAVISC® is a clear, absorbable gel that covers surgically traumatised tissues during tendon and/or peripheral nerve operations such as foot, knee, shoulder and hand surgery. DYNAVISC® acts as a temporary protective barrier to separate tissues and reduce fibrosis and the formation of post-surgical adhesions.

DYNAVISC® is made from FzioMed’s technologically advanced biomaterial gels (CMC and PEO), and is supplied ready to use in a 1-ml syringe with a sterile, flexible applicator.

When to use DYNAVISC® by FzioMed

Adhesions are internal strips of scar tissue that can develop after surgery as the body tries to heal. Adhesion formation after surgery can interfere with the normal sliding function of tendons and nerves, leading to pain and severe impairment of movement. Surgical adhesions in the hand can cause strain which, if it is severe and long-lasting, can lead to further nerve damage, nerve compression, pain for the patient and a generally diminished quality of life.

DYNAVISC® is a clear, flexible gel that allows the surgeon to clearly see the tendons and neural structures when it is applied. The fluid properties of DYNAVISC® gel and its ability to adhere to tissues allow complete tissue coverage. DYNAVISC® is supported by the outstanding safety history of FzioMed’s biomaterial gel technology.

The benefits of DYNAVISC® gel by FzioMed

  • Extremely safe
  • Ready to use
  • Rapid application, thorough cover
  • Clear and colourless
  • Absorbable
  • Separates and covers tissues
  • Reduces adhesions
  • Reduces pain

JVHealth: exclusive distributor of DYNAVISC® by FzioMed in Belgium and Luxembourg

JVHealth is the exclusive distributor of the adhesion barrier gel DYNAVISC® by FzioMed in Belgium and Luxembourg. Just fill in the form below to order DYNAVISC®.

For all sources, and additional information about the effect, studies and publications about Dynavisc®, see FzioMed’s DYNAVISC®-pagina van FzioMed.

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