As a medtech expertise agency JVHealth connects your product or idea with the right partners in the most suitable market

JVHealth focuses on start-ups as well as small and medium-sized firms in the medtech and biotech sectors. As a medtech expertise agency we support medical firms in carrying out feasibility studies and clinical tests, in rolling out successful marketing and expansion strategies and in getting your product or idea on the radar of key opinion leaders at national, international or global level.

In addition, a medtech expertise agency like JVHealth is the perfect advisory body that sits on (temporary) Management Boards, and helps large investment and private capital groups take well-informed financial decisions.

JVHealth takes the wider view, dealing with every phase of your business strategy: clinical, technical, strategic, financial and legal. This is why we both are the supporting and the connecting factor between your idea and the product that you are marketing. This multi-level approach also allows us to assist not only start-ups or medium-sized and large companies in life science, but also other companies such as research centres, insurance firms, the government and other consultancy partners that need our specific expertise (neural, spinal and abdominal surgery, orthopaedics, etc.).

Our medtech expertise agency is there for everyone

Some very powerful partners, each with their own specific expertise, stand behind the medtech expertise agency JVHealth. This is why each party that is or needs to be involved in your expansion strategy can call on our sound advice:

  • Unique medtech/biotech firms (start-ups, small and medium-sized companies)
  • Market leaders (KOLs) of high-quality surgical solutions
  • Clinicians (doctors, surgeons, professors, specialists)
  • Hospitals and hospital groups
  • Research centres and laboratories
  • Medtech and life science investment groups
  • Private equity groups
  • Insurance groups
  • Other consultancies and partners looking for high-tech solutions that match the expertise of JVHealth (neurosurgery, orthopaedics, spinal surgery, etc.)
  • The Belgian government
  • RIZIV – INAMI [Federal Institute for Health and Disability Insurance]/knowledge committee/FAGG – FAMHP [Federal Agency for Medicinal and Health Products]
  • Universities

Are you looking for a medtech expertise agency with a clear view of your expansion strategy?

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