JVHealth: powerful incubator for biotech start-ups thanks to international partners

JVHealth is the brainchild of Johan Van Havermaet. Together with its team and international network of strong partners, key opinion leaders, investment groups, high-end laboratories and universities, JVHealth constitutes a reliable and professional incubator for biotech start-ups and other major healthcare companies that want to raise the expansion strategy of their project or company to a higher level.

JVHealth always seeks a high-quality and long-lasting cooperation with its clients, clinicians and partners such as hospital groups, medtech private investors or other bodies in the healthcare sector.

Thanks to our local and global network of international players and key opinion leaders, we are, as an incubator for biotech start-ups, able to position your medtech/biotech idea or product with the right person at the right place and time. But we also provide sensible management advice to medium-sized and large healthcare companies, KOLs and investors.

Some of our partners

  • OrthoSera, Austria
  • BAAT Medical, Netherlands
  • CornerCouncil, United States
  • Collagen Maric Inc., United States
  • Empirical Testing/Consulting, United States
  • Fziomed , United States
  • Kleiner Labs, United States

Would you also like to become a partner of JVHealth?

Every project is different and requires new insights and the expertise of a broad range of professional partners. JVHealth believes that professional cooperation leads to improvement of knowledge, experience and networks for both parties.

Would you like to find out whether we could help each other? Keep an eye on our calendar for a face-to-face meet & greet in your neighbourhood, or get in touch with us.

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